Hi there 👋! I'm

Samuel Fang,

a software engineer with a keen interest in software engineering principles, architecture and design patterns.

About Me

Hello! I'm Samuel, a Software Engineer with a passion for solving problems with technology. I also have a keen interest in software engineering principles, architecture and design patterns and figuring out how these can be applied to create more reliable, extensible and maintainable software!

I graduated with Honours (Highest Distinction) from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science with focus areas in Software Engineering and Computer Security.

I'm currently on a post-graduation holiday till 2024 but still occasionally volunteer my time towards the TEAMMATES project where I serve as the project lead.

Here's some of the languages and tools I have been working with recently:


Some Projects I've Worked On


A web app to keep track of group travel expenses on short travel trips with friends. Designed with convenience and privacy in mind.



An online feedback management system for education used by more than 800,000 users worldwide.

AngularTypescriptJavaGoogle Cloud

Source Academy

A computer-mediated learning environment for studying the structure and interpretation of computer programs.


Code Reuse Detector (CrED)

A tool designed as part of my final year project to aid plagiarism detection in brownfield software project variants. Currently used in a software engineering course at NUS.



A web auction site for collectibles with live video streaming and real-time bidding capabilities.


Carbon Economy

A web and mobile application that helps tackle carbon pollution by incentivising businesses and consumers to make greener decisions through a green credits system and smart visualisation dashboard backed by a cryptographically verifiable transactions.


The Summarizer

The Summarizer summarizes YouTube videos into short summaries.



CoLAB (Command Line Address Book) is a desktop app for students currently enrolled in a university to manage their school projects. It is optimized for use via a Command Line Interface (CLI) while still having the benefits of a Graphical User Interface (GUI).



LuminDER is a dating app for NUS students made in 24 hours for Hack & Roll 2020. Its name is a wordplay on Tinder and it takes on the familiar interface of LumiNUS, NUS' learning management system (LMS).



FoodCache is a food management mobile app that helps reduce food wastage by keeping track of expiring ingredients, suggesting recipes for meals to minimize food waste and acting as a platform to share excess food and ingredients with friends and family.

Android StudioJava

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